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Hey,any tips on how i can get better?

2013-08-18 15:34:14 by kian-newgrounds

Hey thats my newest draw,ive stop drawing recently cause I dont think that im getting better(i learn by my self) but i want to keep up learnig,any tip or advice for me to get mya drawings looking better or to get new ideas?


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2013-08-18 15:57:40

You slowly get better with every single drawing you do.

My advice: don't give up.

"All legends in anything started as a beginner."


2013-08-18 15:58:51

Besides, your art is already very good.

kian-newgrounds responds:

Hey thanks a lot,ill keep practicing and hope i get better


2013-08-18 16:12:13

The comments below mine are dead-on! As far as new ideas... look at pictures that were taken from outside the country where you live. And remember, drawing isn't about what a camera can replicate, it's about your interpretation of.... everything! Have fun, try spending a little more time on some of your pieces.... you've got a good color palette, good angles.. build on your strengths!

kian-newgrounds responds:

Hey thanks a lot,i should really take more time on my drawings,im use to do it quick and if I have to stop for any reason I dont continue later the drawing,ill try to take my time and hope to get better